Friday, December 12, 2014

Training: 12/8/2014

AM Training
Film & send Wall Press HS drill both straddle & pike
Test where you are at with a front lever hold. Try full tuck, flat tuck, single leg extended, straddle, half lay, and full. If you can hold a variation for 5 sec, stop & rest, then try the next one. Let me know what fails or film whichever one is ~your 5 sec max.
B. Back Squat: 4 x 3,1,3,1; rest 3 min (285,315,315,350)
C. Squat Clean: 3 sets of 1 rep every 20 sec for 10 reps; rest 3 min b/t sets (205,225,240)
notes-add each set
D1. RDL: 3 x 4-5 @3020, rest 1 min (205lbs. x 3)
D2. Strict T2B: 3 x 6; rest 1 min (complete)

Notes: AM Training session went well.  Can't seem to get enough lean on the press to handstand.  Legs don't want to stay straight either during straddle.  They don't just hang, they cramp in my hip flexors.  Only able to do a true tuck lever.  Legs were back from vacation and I made them work on the squats today.  Weights felt much more manageable on my back than last week.  Happy with hitting the 350lbs. with an RPE of about 8.  Squat cleans felt fair.  Happy with 240 without any misses.  RDLs are back and felt good.  Could feel how they allow me to stay over the bar in the right areas.  Strict T2B hurt my shoulders a bit along the biceps tendon.

PM Training:
7 rounds:
4 Power Snatches 115lbs
8 T2B
Time: 4:30

Notes: Great workout this afternoon.  Breathing felt great and didn't have any issues spilling over.  Grip was probably the limiter but once again my gas tank is inspiring.  Wasn't fighting the power snatches today, so that is good.  T2B felt more efficient as I went.

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