Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Training: 12/2/2014

20+ min warmup
Row 5000m for time
Time: 19:21
10-15 min c/d

record peak & average HR (heart rate monitor was broken, noticed 4min into row.  Definitely didn't get over 170 BPM)

Notes: Hit this workout in the afternoon.  After the previous day's lack luster performance I was wondering how today would go.  Warmed up with a 1k row and then rolled out for about 5min perform hitting a few dynamic stretches and then got going.  Hit the first 1k at a 1:54 pace and then couldn't drop it lower than that.  Just didn't have the power.  Struggled to keep it around 1:56 for most.  No leg power.  I think the rowing that I have been doing was great aerobic endurance work, but just didn't help with speed and power.  Walked away from this and was recovered about 8min after.  Legs are sore and tired but other than that not too bad.  This is most likely a litmus test to see where I am currently at, but I was hoping to top my 2011 best 5k time trial of 18:52 (weighing about 172lbs.).  Oh well, moving on.

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