Sunday, December 21, 2014

Training: 12/19/2014

A. Gymnastic Skill - 15 min:
Flat Tuck Front Lever - 3-4 x 5-6 sec
Free Handstand skill work
Wall Press Straddle HS
PPPu w/hover - 2 sets\

B. Power Snatch: build to a TnG 6RM within 3 attempts (175lbs.)
--row 10 min easy once done--
C. 3 min Row Critical Power Test:* 
Max HR: 181 BPM
Avg. HR: 173 BPM
1min Post: 148 BPM
Bodyweight: 183.5lbs.
Avg. Watts: 358 watts

--rest 10-20 min once done-- (as needed)
D. AMRAP in 7 min @max effort:
10 cals AD
10 KBS 53lbs
Result: 7 Rounds + 10 Cals
10-15 min c/d

*Protocol for the 3min Critical Row Test
*Rower Set to 3 mins (Damper 6 Men, Damper 4 Women)
*Record Watts and Watt average every 20 seconds
*Athlete wears Heart Rate Monitor. Record Avg HR, Max HR, and HR 1 min post.
*Athlete is instructed to Row as fast as possible. Do not pace, every stroke is maximal.

(you'll either need to film the monitor for the whole 3 min, or have someone stand by you and record the wattage info every 20 sec. There should be 9 wattage data points. Send me all of the wattage + HR info, and also your bodyweight that day.)

Notes: Woke up early today so was a little fatigued going into training.  Hit some lever work and some tucked planche work.  Wrists are week and can't hold me up after a few seconds.  Went right from this I went into power snatches and built up quickly.  Hit 165lbs. with good tech so went to 175lbs..  Need to sit my hips on the way back down and drive with the legs a little better in order to save my back.  Rowed for 10 minutes and hit 30/30's to get ready for the row test.  Went as hard as I could and the pace dropped down to 1:21.  It creeped up to 1:46 after a minute and I was able to hold it there for the rest.  Leg power was the limiter.  Rested 10 minutes and then went into the 7min AMRAP.  Breathing felt great and I was pushing the power pretty hard.  Overall, a good training day.

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