Friday, December 12, 2014

Training: 12/12/2014

A1. Flat Tuck Front Lever: 4 x 5-6 sec, rest 105 sec (an extra set of this; start & end here)
A2. Back Squat: 3 x 3,1,4-6; rest 105 sec (315,345,302.5)
B. Squat Clean: complete 15 reps for time @your best weight from Monday (435 @ 240lbs.)
C. RDL: 2 x 4-5 @3020, rest 2 min (215lbs.)
DB Power Snatch L 55lbs60lbs.
DB Power Snatch R 55lbs60lbs.
Ring Dips
Time: 6:09

Notes: First time working lever holds so it was a bit awkward at first feeling the muscles needed in order to move.  Feels like you need to "unroll" from your lats (the angle between the triceps and lat).  Tough to find the correct parallel point as well.  My scap retraction is very weak.  I was a bit nervous going into back squats since I knew my legs were sore from wall balls Wednesday but the squats felt really good today.  Smashed 315 for 3 and 345 for a heavy single before hitting 302.5lbs. for 6 (comeback). Probably had more in me too.  I have been working some knee extension work with a band before my training to activate my legs from the bottom and feel like I am driving with my legs.  I think it seems to be helping.  Squat cleans went pretty well today.  No misses and it took me just over 6 minutes to complete (one rep every 17 seconds).  Limiter here was probably my upper back and legs.  Need to catch with a tighter upper back and not worry so much about high elbows since I look disengaged in my shoulder girdle as I stand.  RDLs were heavier than Monday and felt.  Tester was rough.  Lots of burning, but pushed hard.  Ring dips were surprisingly challenging, I think because I was supporting a heavy dumbbell overhead.  Snatches weren't too bad and I think the limiter was just burning systemically.

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