Friday, December 12, 2014

Training: 12/10/2014

AM Training:
Jerk/Drop drill w/bar on back in warmup
A. Split Jerk: 8-12 singles, moderate today unless feeling great (215-285 tech work)
B. BB RFESS: 3 x 5-6 @30X0, rest 90 sec b/t legs (135lbs. x 3 sets)
3 rounds for time:
35 unbroken Wallballs 20lb to 10'
25 unbroken Pullups
Time: 7:23

Notes: Sore from yesterday's muscle ups and HSPU so took it easy on the split jerks today and tried to figure out why I am driving the bar out in front.  Worked on the foot work and to my surprise I wasn't dropping straight down, this lead me to hit some paused jerks and realized that I was pushing the bar out in front with my arms.  I was trying to lock out, but I was driving forward.  Need to work on getting the head through maybe.  I think it is because I am scared of hitting my face and as a reaction I throw my head back.  Split squats felt pretty good but I have a hard time recruiting my glute on my left side due to tightness in my left ankle.  Tester was rough, especially on the forearms.  Grip stayed solid.  Needed to really rely on the legs during the wall balls.  Happy with how my pullups felt!

PM Training:
20 min light recovery Swim and/or Jog

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