Saturday, November 15, 2014

Training: 11/14/2014

A. Snatch: build to a max for the day, then 3-5 lighter singles after that (by feel) (205lbs.)
B. Back Squat: 4 x 2 @20X2, rest 2:30' (305,325,315,305)
Notes-Use Mon's weight, or slightly more if bar speed good. Film each set and hand time the concentric on your rest. Cut if your bar speed drops 10-15% or you can't hit Mon's speed.
Thrusters 135lbs
Wtd Chin Ups 45lbs
Time: 8:21

Notes: This session did not go according to plan. Building up I just couldn't stop bumping the bar out. Knew it wasn't there so shut it down after a poor lift at 220lbs. It was frustrating because I was able to hit good weights the last few weeks but it wasn't overly frustrating. I came back later in the day and worked on some drills and really got things clicking so I think I am over a hurdle. At the very least, I am disconnecting from the need to be perfect in the olympic lifts. I am learning to enjoy the process more. Back squats were slow today. I wanted to go heavier than Monday but I was biting off more than I could chew. Shut it down before I did any damage. Tester wasn't too bad since the chin-ups were slow. No kipping for me on those so I took my time to hit good reps. Felt okay after the workout.

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