Saturday, November 15, 2014

Training: 11/7/2014

(video to come)

A. Snatch: 10-12 singles, one every 2 min (205lbs. x 7/10, 4x1 @ 185lbs.)
B. Back Squat: 4 x 2 @20X2, rest 2:30' (300lbs. x 2, 310lbs. x 1, 315lbs. x 2)
Notes-Use Mon's weight, or slightly more if bar speed good. Film each set and hand time the concentric on your rest. Cut if your bar speed drops 10-15% or you can't hit Mon's speed.
3 rounds:
5 Bar MUs
75 ft Handstand Walk
Time: ~10min (clock shut off in the middle)

Notes: Decided to go back to some thoracic activation drills and rolling drills to regain some movement control through my shoulders and upper back.  Built up quickly in the snatch as I was on a mission to hit 205lbs. x 10 singles every 2min.  First few reps felt good, but after the 6th rep where I caught it funny and tweaked my right shoulder, every after started falling apart.  Noticed after looking at the films that I wasn't driving with my legs for nearly long enough.  I have to figure out how to push with my legs, but not allow myself to tip over off the ground.  If I tip over, the bar drifts forward.  If I don't extend enough with my legs, I get too far behind the bar, and it kicks out.  Why am I not extending with my legs? Could be two reasons: 1. Not sweeping the bar enough.  Though my hips are lower, I still have to keep the arms relaxed and bar close by sweeping it back into my hips. 2. Not staying through my heels during the redirect-haven't looked at this in a while but this could be the reason my hips slide forward.  I will have to play around with it a little.  Overall I was able to hit 7 singles at 205lbs.. Which is a huge PR.  

Back squats were slow in the beginning.  Most likely because I was allowing my hips to rise early out of the bottom.  When I thought about keeping my hips underneath me, the bar speed shot up like a cannon.  I was able to increase weight and hit 315 x 2x2 which was a PR.  Didn't want to push it any further after this PR so cut it there.

Had to do my HS walks outside which prevented me from wearing wrist wraps for the first three rounds (had to wear gloves to protect hands).  The slop on the road threw me off but just lack of proper warm-up had me over extending.  The limiter here was definitely wrist discomfort however.  Bar muscle ups were unbroken and when I allowed my legs to swing a bit before opening my hips, I had much more success here.  Overall a solid training session.   Have to take care of my right shoulder for the next couple of days.

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