Friday, November 28, 2014

Training: 11/24/2014

A. Back Squat: 3 x 2 @20X2, rest 2 min (310,320,310)
Notes-try to add wt as long as bar speed is equal to or better than the prior weeks
B. Power Clean clusters: 3 x; rest 3 min - all sets heavy (235,235,250)
C. AMRAP in 7 min @max effort:
Run 150m
10 DB Thrusters 40lbs/h
10 C2B Pullups
Result: 4 rounds + 150m Run + 1 Thruster
--active recovery as needed--
D1. Slideboard Lateral Lunges: 3 x 10/side, rest 1 min (complete)
D2. Strict Pseudo Planche Pushups: 3 x 5-10, rest 1 min (complete)

Notes: Got in early and warmed up quickly before getting into back squats.  Squats felt pretty good today and tried out 310.  Speed was good there, so I bumped the weight up to 320.  The speed dropped off a bit so I went back down to 310 and the speed picked back up.  Power cleans felt much better today than last week.  Off the floor I felt much stronger.  Need to think drop the hips straight down while continuing up.

Man did the tester suck.  I probably ate a little too close to my workout and I cramping up about 3 minutes in.  Chest to bar felt good today, but running was just terrible.  Limiter was definitely gut pain.  Lunges felt better this time and I focused on being small.  Worked on my wrist mobility between sets and was successful in hitting real pushups.    

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