Saturday, November 22, 2014

Training: 11/21/2014

A. Snatch: 7-9 singles, one every 2 min (185x3,195x5)
B. Back Squat: 3 x 2 @20X2, rest 2:30' (305x2,315x2)
Notes-Mon's weight or higher if bar speed good
10 rounds:
1 No Ft Rope Climb 14'
40 DUs
Time: 10:21

Notes: Reviewed some old lesson footage for the snatch and had some good ideas going into my training session.  Built up thinking about keeping the shoulders right where they are and not readjusting until my legs were fully extended and the bar was being swept back the entire time.  As I built up, I found huge success in my pull and everything was clicking.  Kept the weight at about 85% and just worked consistency.  Moved onto back squats and my mobility in my hips and ankles was feeling very good.   Stayed back through my heels and was able to access the glutes.  First two sets felt good, so I bumped the weight up to 315lbs. for the last two sets and was able to hit it with good speed.  

Moved onto the tester and my thought was to not over-rest for the legless rope climbs.  Tried to keep consistent on the minute but faltered in the middle.  Pretty happy with how this felt.

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