Saturday, November 22, 2014

Training: 11/19/2014

AM Training:
Run 25 min @Z1

PM Training:
Triple Unders: 10-15 min practice in warmup
A. BN Split Jerk (off blocks): skill work, 10-15 singles (265-285)
B. 5 sets:
5 pHSPU (strict)
10 alt'ng Pistols + 36lbs
15 Ice Cream Makers
rest as needed
Completed 3 sets + 5 pHSPU

Notes: Feeling a bit down going into this training session knowing that my overhead mobility was great today.  I struggled getting the bar stacked behind my head during the lock out regardless of the activation work I was going.  Might need to work on a bit of shoulder extension work since this is the only area that I didn't touch on.  Overall, I was able to go heavier than last week, but the elbows were soft in the catch, though the bar was in the correct position.  pHSPU felt good.  Need to allow for the shoulders to get close to the hands.  Alt pistols sucked, but I got through them slowly.  No difference in speed whether I am doing them weighted or unweighted.  Ice cream makers were not so good today as my arms were pretty burnt and I felt it in my lower back.

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