Monday, November 3, 2014

Training: 11/1/2014

30-40 min Skill work - low vol/intensity, gymnastic mvts, light bar work, etc. (kipping HSPU for sure)
10-15 min run/dynamic warmup
Run 5k @75% - record average HR for this please (24:47/161 BPM Avg./Max HR of 178 BPM)
10 min c/d

Notes: Started today with an EMOM of various gymnastics movements and some bar work.  Hit rolling pistols, muscle ups, sotts press, kang squats, kipping HSPU (sets of 10), HS holds, and some mobility.  Movement felt good and it was a nice warm-up.  The temperature in Delray dropped 20 degrees overnight so the weather was perfect for a run.  Ran with two members from the gym and we all agreed on pace (around 8min/mile).  First 800m was done in 4:20 so we went out very conservative and was able to hold a conversation during this time.  Picked up the pace a bit and by the turn around we were at 12:20.  I picked up the pace a bit during the last 800m to ensure that we would get back in our planned 8min/mile pace.  Ran the last 800m at 7min mile pace.  Running felt great with higher tempo and quick steps.  No back flare ups, and my right knee felt fine.  Calves and quads were tender after but overall felt great. 

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