Saturday, November 15, 2014

Training: 11/11/2014

AM Training:
Run 2 miles
Row 5k
AD 200 cals

PM Training:
10 min aerobic warmup
Row 25 min @HR155-165 (once)
10 min c/d
Result: 6135m

Notes: Got up ate a small meal, and then hit the Z1 work.  Took me about 45minutes to complete it then had a chiropractor session.  

Came back in the afternoon and hit the row.  Road the airdyne for about 5minutes and then got to work on the rower.  Knew that it was my only interval so I was in good spirits throughout.  Held at 2:02 for most of the row though my HR was creeping above 165 at some points.  Felt good after this was over.

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