Saturday, November 1, 2014

Training: 10/27/2014

A. Back Squat: 4-6 x 2 @20X2, rest 2:30' (305lbs. x 6sets)
Notes-go as heavy as possible while bar speed stays up. Film each set and hand time the concentric on your rest. Cut when your bar speed drops 10-15%.
Power Clean/Clean 225lbs
Time: 7:44
Yoke Walk: 5 x 15 sec, rest 3 min (365lbs.)
Every 2 min for 6 rounds (12 min):
10 Ring Dips
12 C2B
50 DUs

Notes: Felt good getting back to work.  Warmed up ankles thoroughly including mobilizing the ankle joints.  Squat was feeling good today and I was able to hit 6 doubles at 305lbs.. Speed stayed good at 1.25sec/concentric on the second rep for almost every set.  Moved onto the tester.  Cleans were a bit off today and my back flared up during this workout.  Muscle ups were unbroken, though I accidentally dropped down after the 8th rep on the set of 9.  Yoke walks felt good and I went with 365lbs. for all sets.  Finished off with the gymnastics density work.  Ring dips were unbroken and focusing on keeping the elbows in and shoulders moving forward really helped keep me from frying out.  C2B were all unbroken and I used my gymnastics grips today.  I had a small tear on my left hand afterward but they felt good today.  Need to keep driving the hips.  Double unders were all unbroken but one set.  Only had 45sec rest between sets.  This was a tough workout overall, but I was happy with my performance in the whole.

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