Thursday, October 2, 2014

Training: 9/29/2014

AM Training:
A. Power Clean: complete ~20 singles @~85%, rest as needed (235lbs.)
B. Back Squat: 5 x 4 @75-80%; rest 3 min (285lbs.x5sets)
C. Back Squat Negatives: 2-3 x 1 @80A0, rest 4-5 min
notes-use spotters or else leave the bar on the pins in the cage. Build if you can control the whole 8 sec descent. (315x3)

Notes: Felt good going into today's training and had a great night's sleep last night.  Kept the bar coming back to me on the power cleans which definitely helped my turnover.  I think I need to drop the hips more over my heels instead of behind my heels as I am not getting as much pop as I think I can.  Either way I was happy that hitting 20 singles was an RPE of 8/10 and my body felt good after (no lock ups etc.).  Back squats felt heavy building up, but it tested well as 285lbs. so I went after it.  Speed was good, though I had a little pain in my front right hip.  I can tell I am getting stronger already in the squat.  I am excited by this premise because I know my numbers in other areas will increase as this number get back up.  Back squat negatives went better than last week.  I used the same weight, but I had better control at my sticking point.  

PM Training:
A. BB (yoke) Carry: 5 x 150' (should take 30-40 sec); rest 2 min
notes-build in weight some today, but not maximal (295lbs. for all sets)
B. Oxidative Back Squats: 3 series x 4 x 10 @2020, rest 40 sec b/t sets; 7 min b/t series - same wt. as last wk (12 total sets today) (110lbs. complete)

Notes: Warmed up easily for the second workout.  Yoke carries felt good with the pad on my neck and there was the same or less effort than last week.  Ox squats were rough, but my lower back was nearly as blown up as last week.  Quads were rocked, but my body is starting to adapt.  My ankles were sore after in the front.

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