Thursday, October 2, 2014

Training: 9/27/2014

35 min Row @Z1 - dismount every 5 min and do 8-10 Kipping HSPU & 1 No Ft Rope Climb (complete)
35 min AD @Z1 - dismount every 5 min and do a 30-40 sec BB Yoke Carry (complete with 275lbs.)
Oxidative Back Squats: 5 x 10 @2020, rest 40 sec b/t sets (110lbs., complete)
Mobility work (hip and calves)

Notes: Got into the gym and got right to work.  HSPU felt good and were unbroken. Started to get into a good rhythm on these.  I used a pad for the bb carry, so it was a lot more comfortable and a lot less stress on my shoulders.  Ox squats were too bad today.  Got through them with a RPE of 8/10.  Hit some mobility after to loosen back up.  Feeling good after some tough testers yesterday.

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