Thursday, October 2, 2014

Training: 9/26/2014

(video to come)

Wodapalooza Qualifier:
Wod #1 + Wod #2
11min countdown clock:
4RM Shoulder to Overhead in 2min
9min AMRAP:
Unbroken Complex:
3 Power Cleans
3 Hang Cleans
3 Thrusters
30 Double Unders

Notes: I was very pleased with the shoulder to overhead, and I think there is more there, and I think I will be hitting bigger numbers in the not so distant future now that we are getting back into squatting again.  Warmed up with a 1k row and a good amount of shoulder mobility.  I was feeling very stacked under the bar and had a good mindset of driving myself down even though it felt heavy.  I had no fear.  Moved onto the tester, and because I didn't have any numbers to go off of, I just kept a consistent pace throughout and tried to keep the effort at 90%.  Moving from the hang cleans to the thrusters was rough.  I am happy that I did all of my double unders unbroken.  Wish I had know to go for a number because in the back of my mind I think I could have gotten back to the jump rope.  This was one of the more painful workouts I have done.  I happy with my strength, mobility, and gas tank right now.  And it will only get better from here given that I haven't back squatted in about 4 months!

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