Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Training: 10/5/2014

(video to come)

Wodapalooza WODs 3/4
10min AMRAP:
21 Snatches (95lbs.)
21 Toes To Bar
15 Snatches (135lbs.)
15 Toes To Bar
9 Snatches (165lbs.)
9 Toes To Bar
6 Snatches (185lbs.)
6 Toes To Bar
3 Snatches (205lbs.)
Completed 6 185lbs. + 6 Toes To Bar
7min AMRAP:
Cals on Rower
Burpees Over Rower
Completed 21 Cals + 18 Burpees

Notes: Knew I needed to redo the wodapalooza workout in order to stay in the runnings for the elite category.  I was feeling pretty good so I got into the gym before my olympic lifting class, got warm and hit it.  Warm-up felt much better today and I was much more confident moving the bar.  Also, the temperature dropped 20 degrees since I tested on Friday, so my heart rate was much lower.  Had a similar strategy as last time but I did the 135lb. snatches in sets of 3 and I was much quicker on my transitions adding weight to the bar.  I had a shot at 205lbs. but just barely missed it.  I was feeling much better going into the second workout and I pushed it right from the beginning.  Had 45sec for the last set of burpees and hit 18.  I was very happy with my performance and now I am still in the running for Wodapalooza elite category.

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