Sunday, October 26, 2014

Training: 10/22/2014

A. Snatch: build to a max (210lbs., 235f)
B. Snatch Grip OH Split Squats: 2-3 x 6-8/leg @22X1, rest 90 sec b/t legs (75lbs. x 2 sets)
notes-moderate loads this week on this
AMRAP in 12 min:
2 Strict MUs
4 Strict pHSPUs
20 unbroken DU
Result: 6 rounds + 2 Muscle Ups

Notes: Felt good going into today's workout but the pull from the ground just felt a little off.  Built up with no misses and hit 210lbs.. Missed 220lbs. and went back down and built back up.  Thinking about pushing with my legs I was able to really get a better pull and I felt very confident.  Smashed 175, 205, and then jumped to 235lbs. where I made a solid attempt for my first try ever at 235lbs.. Happy with how the snatch felt today.  

Moved into the OH Split Squats.  Shoulders were good and warm from the snatches so these felt great.  A little unsure of how to move my hips.  Should I push back with a more vertical shin, or allow my knee to clear and head down more vertical?  I am thinking about doing the ladder of the two but it doesn't feel like my glutes are loaded.  I will have to feel this out a bit.  

Tester felt good though I know the pacing had to be deliberate because of localized fatigue.  No fails on muscle ups or HSPU.  HSPU felt great thinking about pushing with my shoulders out of the bottom and not just my triceps.  Maybe this will translate into the kipping HSPU?  Felt good after today's workout.

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