Sunday, October 26, 2014

Training: 10/21/2014

10 min aerobic warmup
Row 8 min @HR155-165/rest 2 min x 8
10 min c/d

1. 1936m
2. 1935m
3. 1932m
4. 1908m
5. 1906m
6. 1913m
7. 1913m
8. 1907m

Notes: Quick Z1 session before betting into this workout due to time restrictions.  Felt great on the first 3 sets then keeping the pace at 2:05 became difficult.  Wasn't heart rate, wasn't even leg burn.  I think it was just CNS fatigue.  Overall I thought I put in a solid effort keeping my HR right at 160 and holding an average of 2:04-2:05 for each 8 min effort.  Not too bad today.

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