Sunday, October 26, 2014

Training: 10/20/2014

A. KB Jump Squats 53lbs: 3 x 6; rest 4 sec b/t reps & 2 min b/t sets
notes-stand w/feet on 2 separate low boxes; max height
B. Back Squat: build to a heavy single
C. Pistols (sets 2&3 wtd if able): 3 x 4/leg @21X1, rest 75 sec b/t legs
notes-please film these from the side and front
D. Wide Stance Good Mornings: 3 x 10 @2020, rest 90 sec

Notes: Felt good going into training today.  The easy week prior had me feeling repaired.  Tried a new/old ankle mobility that really felt with deeper ankle flexion and I was feeling confident going into squats.  KB squats felt better this week.  Definitely using my legs more and not my lower back.  Back squats felt smooth today.  No back pain all the way up to my heavy single at 345lbs.. Cut it there because it was about 8/10 RPE and still solid technique.  Pistols were money today with the weightlifting shoes on.  No real issue with the paused reps.  Took the shoes off to see where I was at.  No change on the left but right below parallel with the right.  Good mornings had my hamstrings crying.  My hamstrings are going to be very sore this week.  Solid training session.

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