Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Training: 10/15/2014

(video to come)

A. KB Jump Squats 53lbs: 3 x 6; rest 4 sec b/t reps & 2 min b/t sets (16,24,24kg)
notes-stand w/feet on 2 separate low boxes; max height
B. Snatch: 6-8 singles @~70-85%, RAN (185lbs. x 8)
C. Snatch Grip Deadlift: 3 x 3,2,1 @5010, rest 4 min (225 x 4 x 2)
D. Push Jerk: 5 x 3; rest 2 min (225x5x3)

Notes: Still really sore from Sunday.  My left rhomboid/levator scap is just spasmed.  Lats and biceps are really sore as well.  Tried to warm up as best as I could.  I liked the KB jump squats though I noticed in the video I don't really drive with my legs off the ground.  Snatches were feeling good until I hit 185lbs. and missed it behind twice because I couldn't stablize in the catch.  I think the new shoes don't allow me to catch in my heels.  I changed shoes and found they were a bit better.  Need to continue to drop the hips a drive through the back half.  I could push with the legs off the floor a bit better too instead of using my hips and lower back.  This gets be behind the bar too soon.  Stuck with the no hook on the snatch grip deadlifts.  Hit 4 sets this week for a volume PR.  Definitely wasn't feeling light.  Biceps prevented bigger weights for push jerks.  Didn't know where to go here because I hadn't done these in a long time.  Hit 225 and that was challenging so stayed there and worked good form with tough weight.  5 sets and I was done.  Hopefully another day off will get the final soreness out of me.

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