Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Training: 10/13/2014

A. Power Clean: 5-7 singles, heavy if feeling good - otherwise just get some touches (235lbs.)
B. Back Squat: 5 x 2; rest 2-3 min - ~75%1RM, focus on speed out of the hole (315x2x2)
C. BB (yoke) Carry: 5 x 50'; rest 3 min (315,335,385,385,385)
notes-build in weight, heavier now (15-20 sec work)

Notes: Hands were ripped up from yesterday's pullups so didn't want to screw with the bar too much today.  Upper back and lats were very sore too. Pull felt off today and I felt I was getting into my toes and initiating extension with my ankles and not my hips.  Worked with 85% for 8 singles and focus on continuing to drive my hips down as I extended my legs.  This leg to a much easier catch and better bar path.  Back squats felt pretty good so I built up to 315 and hit two doubles here then called it.  That is the heaviest I have squatted in over 6 months.  Yoke carries were the heaviest yet working up to 385lbs. for 3 sets.  Overall pretty happy with today's training though I know the soreness from Sunday's workout is yet to hit.

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