Thursday, September 11, 2014

Training: 9/9/2014

15-20 min aerobic warmup (complete on airdyne, rower, skipping rope, running for 1min each x 4 rounds)
5 min @tough pace:
10 Wallballs
20 DUs
Result: 7 rounds + 5 Wall Balls
--3 min recovery--
5 min @tough pace:
Run 100m
10 C2B  5 Bar Muscle Ups
Result: 3 rounds
--3 min recovery--
5 min @tough pace:
Row 500m
15 Burpees
Result: 1 round + 500m Row + 1 Burpee
--5 min recovery--
HICT Row 20 min @HR<150 10="" damper="" div="" spm="">

Notes: I was nervous going into today's workout because I haven't done any mixed modal work in a while and the only high powered aerobic work that I have been doing is one row session per week (also one high intensity continuous training session with my HR under 150 BPM).  Did 16 minutes of aerobic work before hitting a little mobility and then getting into my first AMRAP.  No real room to hide on the first one since you really can't pace wall balls or double unders.  You could only take longer transition times to get the heart rate down, but I wanted to push the pace so I just kept going back and forth as quickly as possible.  This workout felt great, and I was able to push the tempo on the double unders the entire time.  Walked away feeling good.  Second AMRAP I decided to throw in the bar muscle ups since I would see them this weekend at the Raid Games.  Run was hot but tried to keep speed up while recovering at the same time.  All bar muscle ups were unbroken, but the HSPU were tough for me.  I think it was because I was not willing to smash my head against the ground each time.  I will put my hands on plates with my head on an abmat from here on out.  Triceps were toasted after this one.  Last AMRAP, I help under 1:48 for most of the first 500m.  I did HR burpees as I will see them this weekend.  They slowed things down a bit.  Got back on the rower, and after about 20 seconds, I had the rower back down to 1:45. I think the row interval paid off here.  Was able to hop off the rower with 5 seconds left and hit one burpee.  Was huritng in my quads pretty badly after this one.  Did the 20min Row at the end and it was freaking miserable. 

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