Saturday, September 6, 2014

Training: 9/5/2014

A. Hang Snatch + Snatch: 3-4 x 1+1; rest as needed - get in and just hit a few sets today; rest 90sec rest (185x4sets)
B. OHS: 4 x 4,1,3,1, rest 3 min 4,3,2 (215(pr),235(pr), 255(pr))
C. GHD Raise: 4 x 4-6 @2010, rest 90 sec (4x10 w/ bodyweight)

Notes: Energy wasn't great going into this training session.  Got to bed late last night and it definitely effected my sleep.  Couldn't get back to sleep at 4:30am.  Got into the gym and my right wrist was continuing to bother me.  Need to hit some pre-hab going forward.  Especially before doing HS work.  Hang snatches felt pretty good today, though I wasn't feeling all that explosive.  Figured out that I wasn't dropping my hips enough during the pull.  I liked how I was pushing with my legs off the floor and keeping my chest up.  Had one little hiccup durng my third set, but everything else was clean.

Moved onto overhead squats and they felt really good today.  I decided to push the intensity since the movement was clicking so well.  Hit 215 x 4 (PR), 235 x 3(PR), and 255 x 2 (PR).  I missed it the first time but nailed it the second time.  Need to work on activating the upper body while simultaneously pushing with the upper body.  Hit GH raises afterward with bodyweight only.

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