Saturday, September 6, 2014

Training: 9/3/2014

A. Split Jerk clusters: 3-4 x; rest 15-20 sec/3 min (4 reps now) (265,265,275,285)
B. Jefferson Deadlift: 4 x 2-3; rest 2 min - moderate, based on testing (275x2,285x2)
C. L-Muscle Ups (strict): accumulate 18 reps (complete)
notes-try to hit a good L position on both top and bottom
D. Handstand Walking: complete ~300', if feeling good add some obstacles (complete. 141' in one attempt)
E. DB External rotation: 2 x 9-12 @2010, rest 60 sec b/t arms (25x9/arm)

Notes: I was cautious of my back going into this workout, but with a good warm-up, making sure to hit my back, I was good to go.  My right wrist was still bothering me, so I threw a wrap on during the warm-up to make sure I got it good and warm as well.  Felt better after a few sets and I didn't really think about it.  Hit 285 this week for a cluster.  No misses either today.  Popped a rib out in my upper back unfortunately.  This happens every once in a while.  It is just painful, but other than that, I can get the job done.  Muscle ups weren't too bad.  Just a little tired in the hip flexors.  Handstand walks continue to improve.  Completed the DB external rotations.  They were much harder with 25lbs..

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