Friday, September 26, 2014

Training: 9/22/2014

AM Training:
A. Power Clean: complete ~20 singles @~80%, rest as needed (225lbs. no misses)
B. Back Squat: 4 x 5 @70-75%; rest 3 min (275x4x5)
C. Back Squat Negatives: 2-3 x 1 @80A0, rest 4-5 min (325 (F), 315x3)
notes-use spotters or else leave the bar on the pins in the cage. Build if you can control the whole 8 sec descent.

Notes: Warmed up for power cleans and noticed I was bumping the bar out a hair.  Decided to go with 225lbs. since that was 10lbs. heavier than last week.  I was moving the bar fast but there was a slight disconnect. 

PM Training:
A. BB (yoke) Carry: 5 x 150' (should take 30-40 sec); rest 2 min (275lbs. x 150')
notes-be conservative starting out on these, only moderate loads today
B. Oxidative Back Squats: 2 series x 5 x 10 @2020, rest 40 sec b/t sets; 7 min b/t series - slightly heavier than before (110lbs.)

Notes: My traps was sore from the morning bar work.  Tried to keep midline stable and hips down in order to prevent the lower back from overextending.  Ox squats were miserable.  My quads and lower back were dying during these. I was trying to push and my legs were not responding.  Good burn.  Going to be very sore from these.

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