Saturday, September 6, 2014

Training: 9/1/2014

45 min Z1 - your choice

A. Squat Clean: 8-14 singles, moderate loads (6x1 @ 255lbs.)
B. Front Squat: 5-8 x 2 @10X0, rest 75 sec - fast bar concentric speed (8x2reps @ 245lbs.)
C. Pistols: 3 x 16 alt'ng reps (8/side)@21X0; rest 75 sec (complete)
Shinbox leg sweep - 2 x 3/side (complete)

Notes: Felt tired going into today's training.  Warmed up for cleans and knew there wasn't much intensity there so I decided to keep the weight moderate and hit some volume.  Last week I hit 4 singles at 255lbs., so this week I went for 6 singles.  I hit them but my lower back started feeling funky during it.  The L5-S1 area was hot.  Moved onto front squats and my right wrist continued to bother me from the day before (handstand walking).  Speed stayed consistent throughout, but my heading was spinning ster these.  Short rest time really made it difficult.

Calves tightened up from front squatting so pistols were a chore today.  Shinbox leg sweeps were okay but I have difficulty lifting the leg without unweighting.

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