Thursday, September 11, 2014

Training: 9/10/2014

A. Split Jerk off blocks: build to a max (305lbs.)
B. L-Muscle Ups (strict): accumulate 7-10 reps (completed 6 reps)
C. Skill work on the specific movements, if known (worked on OHS from ground)
D. 3 rounds for time:
15 Power Snatch 95lbs
50 DUs
then, 10 MUs to stop the clock
Time: 6:59
E. DB External rotation: 2 x 9-12 @2010, rest 60 sec b/t arms (20lbs. x 1 set)

Notes: I was feeling pretty good going into today's workout.  Had a pretty good night's sleep after a hard day of training yesterday.  Surprised that I wasn't too sore from wall balls but my lats were tight from bar muscle ups.  Weights felt a bit heavy today, but I trusted my technique.  Hit 285lbs. for 2 (PR) before jumping up to 305lbs.. 300lbs. was my previous best with a true lock out (320lbs. out in front). Moved to 305lbs. were I caught the first attempt with soft arms.  Tried again and balked on driving back under.  Went for it one more time and was able to hit it, though it was a little forward.  Happy with the fact that it felt heavy, and I stuck with my technique.  Worked a bit on the OHS from the ground.  Also gave me an opportunity to work on my pull a little bit.  Looking to hit at least 255lbs. this weekend at the Raid Games, but we shall see.  

Got into the AMRAP and went hard from the beginning to see how hard I could push.  After the first 15 power snatches and then trying to go too fast on the double unders, I found that mark.  Had to slow it down with longer rests on the power snatches.  Unhappy with breaking that many times on the double unders.  That will improve over time though.  Muscle ups felt good and I was able to string together sets of 4,3, and 3.  Good little tester around the length I am going to see this weekend.  

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