Monday, September 1, 2014

Training: 8/30/2014

15-20 min Z1 warmup - include some free Handstand work
Row 900m @2k pace x 4; rest 5 min
10 min Walk cooldown

1. 3:08.7 (1:44.8)
2. 3:09.2 (1:45.1)
3. 3:10.4 (1:45.7)
4. 3:11.7 (1:46.5)

Notes: This was terrible.  No other words could really describe the overall pain, discomfort, and mental beating I took during every set of this workout.  At no point was this easy.  From the first stroke, to the last, the effort was high. Disappointed with the drop off from set to set, but that was out of my control.  I am going off my best 2k row pace, which might be wishful thinking given my current fitness levels.  Before the open last year, I was doing 10x500m @ 1:42.  I feel a world away from that right now.  The one conditioning workout per week hasn't helped the cause much.  I still know that I have to bide my time and continue to progress in skill development, movement efficiency, and strength.  One more of these dreadful workouts to go next week.

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