Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Raid Games 2014

Notes: Friday-Got into the gym and hit a solid 30minutes of mobility on hips, shoulders, thoracic, and calves before getting into 5x3 Hang Power Snatches @ 165lbs.; rest 90sec

Reps felt good and not too challenging. Moved onto an EMOM x 9min of:
1-5/5 KB Snatches (32kg)
2-10 Box Jump Overs (30")
3- 10 T2B

I was happy with how everything felt and had confidence in these movements going into the weekend (note back was sore from KB Snatches the next day).

Hit 8sets of 30/30 on airdyne before calling it, finishing up with 15 minutes of shoulder mobility as that was tight at the end.

Got some light sleep and was in bed for about 9 hours. Since my heat didn't start until 3:45, I decided to go to the gym and hit a quick Z1/mobility session so warming up later on would be easier. Got to the venue (an hour away) an hour and 30 before my heat. Warmed up beforehand with some rowing mobility and fast burpees.

Event #1-
8min AMRAP:
Row 20cals
10 KB Snatches (32kg)
10 Box Jump Overs (30")
10 Bar Muscle Ups
Result: 2 rounds + 20 cals + 10 Snatches + 5 BJO

I didn't video this one. I went out at a smooth pace and finished the first round in 2:15ish. Breathing was heavy and there was pain, but nothing that I couldn't handle. Kept pushing and went unbroken on all movements until the bar muscle ups where I went 4/4/2 and then back to the rower. Got back to the box jump overs and hit 5 reps there and finished 2nd out of 4 competitors. Thought pacing was good throughout and was happy with how I was able to push despite the high power output and shorter time domain that I usually struggle with.

Event #2
1RM OHS From Ground
Result: 260lbs. (235lbs. was my previous best from Wodapalooza in January)

Notes: Was happy with the way I was able to come back and hit 260 after missing it twice. I am getting better in the OHS but need to get stronger in my legs as 260 felt like a truck. I think I am going to start bringing my hands in a bit as well as I don't feel I have an much stability in the OHS with my hands that wide (especially since my mobility is improving)

Sunday- Slept pretty light again but felt much less anxiety today than yesterday. First event was at 1 so the day was a little earlier. Same pre-warmup routine as yesterday with rowing, mobility, and specific tasks for workout.

Event #3

2, 4, 6, 8…. (8 minute cap)

Wall ball shots – 20lb/14lb

20yd Sprint (10yd outs and 10yds back)

Hand release burpees

20yd Sprint (10yd outs and 10yds back)
Result: 16 rounds + 16 Wall Balls + 15 Burpees

Notes: Pacing was great in this workout, but I might have gone a little to slow in the very beginning and wasn't able to quite catch everyone. I laid the hammer down at 2minutes left and really turned up the turnover on the burpees. Had a fast pace at the end and walked away feeling good. Happy with how the engine felt here.

Event #4
3 Rounds (8 minute cap):

10 Power cleans - 185lb/135lb

10yd Single kettlebell Farmers carry - 70lb/55lb

10 Kettlebell swings - 70lb/55lb

10yd Single kettlebell Farmers carry - 70lb/55lb

10 Toes to bar

10yd Single kettlebell Farmers carry - 70lb/55lb

10 Kettlebell swings - 70lb/55lb

10yd Kettlebell Farmers carry - 70lb/55lb

Result: 2 rounds + 10 PC + 10 KB Swings + 7 T2B

Notes: I know I needed a top finish the place first or second on the podium so I went for broke out the beginning knowing that the guys I was up against were going to push the pace right from the get go. Went UB on first set of power cleans, but was pretty shot after that. Once I got back to my power cleans on the second round my grip was shot and I started to tighten in my lower back. The KB Swings became rough and even carrying the KB became a labor. Back was locked going back to the third set. Wanted to stop because of the pain in my back, but took a few breaths and then went hard on the next set of power cleans really picking up the pace. KB Swings were once again rough and I was able to squeak out 7 more T2B. Back was locked up for about 10-15minutes after this workout. If I paced this workout out I could have taken third and gotten on the podium, but that wasn't the goal. Need to work on the posterior chain endurance and some grip in the future.

Overall I feel I am ahead of where I was last year during the raid games. OHS is better, mobility is better, and higher power aerobic is better. Even though we haven't done much testing and no doubles, I felt better than last year from event to event.

Going forward, I think I need to get the squat back up and start working some posterior chain endurance back into the mix. I would also like to continue to push the length of this base of aerobic power that I have established. Currently, I think I am good for a 5min high powered effort, but 8-10minutes is still just outside of my reach.

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