Monday, September 29, 2014

Rest Day: 9/25/2014

Notes: my legs are still sore from monday!

Training: 9/24/2014

A. 5 sets:
3-4 Snatch Grip Deadlifts @5010 (185lbs.)
rest 30 sec
17 Russian KB Swings heavy (32kg)
rest 3 min
B1. DB External rotation: 3 x 6-8 @3010, rest 75 sec b/t arms (20,20,25)
B2. GHD Raises: 3 x 12-15 @3010, rest 75 sec (sb leg curls)
30 min Z1 - can be done as a pm session also if you'd rather

Notes: Legs were more sore today than Tuesday.  Man they are sore!  Went heavier than last week, but didn't push too hard here as I know my grip was the limiter (no hookgrip on the deadlifts).  KB Swings were unbroken but were tougher than last week. DB external rotations were good. Heavier on the last set.  Did SB leg curls instead of GH raises to hit the hammies properly.

Training: 9/23/2014

15-20 min aerobic warmup
AMRAP in 7 min @80%: (HR ~165 max on all of these)
Versa-Climber 40 steps
10 T2B
30 DUs
Result: 3 rounds + 6 T2B
--4 min recovery--
AMRAP in 7 min @80%:
Row 250m
10 Push Press 115lbs
10 Box Jumps (step down) 24"
Result: 3 rounds
--4 min recovery--
AMRAP in 7 min @80%:
50m Farmer's Walk 2p/h
5 Wall Walks
15 cals AD
Result:2 rounnds + Farmer's Walk + 5 Wall Walks
--4 min recovery--
AMRAP in 5 min @80%:
Run 100m
10 Pullups
10 Wallballs
then, 2 min amrap Muscle Ups
Result: 2 rounds and 14 muscle ups
--4 min recovery--
AMRAP in 5 min @80%:
Row 250m
10 Push Press 115lbs
10 Box Jumps (step down) 24"
then, 2 min amrap Power Snatch 135lbs
Result: 2 Rounds + 15 Power Snatches
(it's 5 x 7' intervals. The last two are 5 min amrap of the triplet, right into 2 min amrap of the single exercise for a 7 min total work period)
Finish with 10 min AD at easy pace cooldown

Notes: Felt good going into this workout though my quads were rediculously sore from Monday's squatting sessions (some of the worst soreness I have had in a year).  Hit this in the afternoon after eating and taking a nap.  Warm up included 16minutes of moderate aerobic work and then a little mobility.  Definitely needed to hit the lats more as the first AMRAP tweaked my teres minor.  My versa climber is broken so I decided to walk up the stairs (skipping steps) with 2 20lb. DBs in the OH position.  T2B were unbroken, as were double unders.  Not too bad on the first amrap.  Second was a little more rough as the power output was higher and my quads were screaming.  Farmer's carry was pretty easy, and if not for my tweaked lat and a narrow gap for my feet on the wall, the wall walks were fine.  Airdyne was moderate.  Pullups felt good, though I could have used my hips more efficiently.  Wall balls started burning after the second round.  I was definitely happy with my ability to string together 3 muscle ups at a time after hitting multiple round of pullups.  No fails, and I think I could have done more with time.  Last AMRAP was rough also.  The power snatches in the end were tough, but I happy that I was able to keep cranking away and the technique stayed pretty sound.  Overall this was a tough workout, especially with my legs crushed from squatting.  Slowly starting to improve with higher power output and longer workouts.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Training: 9/22/2014

AM Training:
A. Power Clean: complete ~20 singles @~80%, rest as needed (225lbs. no misses)
B. Back Squat: 4 x 5 @70-75%; rest 3 min (275x4x5)
C. Back Squat Negatives: 2-3 x 1 @80A0, rest 4-5 min (325 (F), 315x3)
notes-use spotters or else leave the bar on the pins in the cage. Build if you can control the whole 8 sec descent.

Notes: Warmed up for power cleans and noticed I was bumping the bar out a hair.  Decided to go with 225lbs. since that was 10lbs. heavier than last week.  I was moving the bar fast but there was a slight disconnect. 

PM Training:
A. BB (yoke) Carry: 5 x 150' (should take 30-40 sec); rest 2 min (275lbs. x 150')
notes-be conservative starting out on these, only moderate loads today
B. Oxidative Back Squats: 2 series x 5 x 10 @2020, rest 40 sec b/t sets; 7 min b/t series - slightly heavier than before (110lbs.)

Notes: My traps was sore from the morning bar work.  Tried to keep midline stable and hips down in order to prevent the lower back from overextending.  Ox squats were miserable.  My quads and lower back were dying during these. I was trying to push and my legs were not responding.  Good burn.  Going to be very sore from these.

Rest Day: 9/21/2014

Notes: have some nice burns on my elbows from ring dips the other day.  Shoulders are sore too.  Going to stay away from bar/gymnastics today.

Training: 9/20/2014

AMRAP in 15 min @sustainable pace: (HR~160)
50m Farmer's Walk 2p/hand
Row 500m
50' HS Walk
2 x 5 reps Strict T2B, on a fat bar if possible
Results: 3 rounds + 100m Row
--5 min recovery--
AMRAP in 15 min @sustainable pace: (HR~160)
Run 300m
10 Hang Power Cleans 95lbs
10 Thrusters 95lbs
10 Burpee over Bar
Results: 4 rounds + 25m run
--5 min recovery--
HICT Row 15 min @HR<150 10="" damper="" div="" spm="">
Run 10 min @~10 min/mile pace (completed on airdyne)

Notes: Felt good going into this workout.  Warmed up for about 25 minutes with aerobic work and mobility before getting into this one.  First AMRAP wasn't too bad keeping my HR down.  Farmer's walks were all unbroken.  Held a 1:57 on the rower and that didn't feel too bad.  I did the HS walks out and back 25', they bothered my wrists a bit.  The rest went quickly and I was off on the run hitting a conservative pace.  All BB movements were done unbroken with about 10-15seconds rest between movements to keep the HR down.  I definitely could have pushed harder during this 15minutes but I wanted to stay with the prescribed intensity.  Burpees over the bar were the worst part because my quads were cooked.  Row was slow, didn't have much left.  There was lightning out so I finished the workout up on the airdyne.

Training: 9/19/2014

A. Freestanding Handstand & Back Roll to Support - 10-15 min practice (practiced forward roll to support)
B1. Kipping HSPU: 3 x amrap in 60 sec; rest 90 sec (20,20,20)
B2. No Ft Rope Climb: 3 x 2 to 15'; rest 90 sec (complete)
Ring Dips
Time: 3:14

Notes: Hit this workout after my noon class. Got right to the rings and started playing around with the forward roll to support.  Was able to hit a bunch of reps after I realized that I need to set the false grip nice and deep while inverted, then I roll.  Biceps brachialis was on fire afterward, which worried me a bit.  Kipping HSPU went pretty well.  Having the abmat to lower my head to allowed me to be aggressive in the movement.  Wider hands definitely helped as well.  Legless rope climbs went well.  Jumping down improves my ability to do multiple reps significantly.  

I was a little disappointed with the tester.  My hands were killing me after the rope climbs (and ring work) so I had to wear my gymnastics grips for the C2B pullups.  This threw me off a little bit, but I have to be prepared for this.  I just don't like something bunching up in my hands while on the pullup bar.  Ring dips burnt out quickly.  After the first set of 21 I had to break them up.  Noticed that my hands were getting wide on the way down.  Need to keep the hands in front more.      

Rest Day: 9/18/2014

Notes: Feeling good.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Training: 9/17/2014

AM Training:
A. Front Squat: build to a heavy single, then 3 x 3 @70-75% of that. (295/215)
B. Power Clean: complete 18-25 singles @~75%, rest as needed (215x25)
C. L-Muscle Ups (strict): accumulate 10 reps (complete)
D. DB External rotation: 3 x 6-8 @3010, rest 75 sec b/t arms (20lbs.)

Notes: Felt good going into today's training session.  Still a little sore from the weekend, but moderate energy.  I was apprehensive going into the front squat as I didn't want to push too hard.  I wave loaded the heavy single as I needed some time to get my body into it.  Hit 295lbs. which was very tough. This is 20lbs. off of my best, but I know that since the focus recently hasn't been maximal weight, I am not concerned.  Triples at 215lbs. felt good.  Power cleans weren't too mad.  My lower back started to tighten a bit after the 15th set, which tells me I was probably pulling with my back a bit.  Need to work on the pull.  Muscle ups weren't too bad, but lats were definitely fatigued.  DB External rotations felt good with 20lbs..

PM Training:
4 sets:
5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts @5010 (165lbs.)
rest 30 sec
15 Russian KB Swings heavy (32kg)
rest 3 min
3 sets: (rest as needed)
6/side Pistols
12 GHD Raises15 SB Leg Curls

Notes: Felt good here.  Kept the weight moderate and didn't hook grip.  Want to work on lower back strength/endurance as well as grip endurance.  KB Swings were tough but doable.  Pistols weren't great today since I didn't get my calves stretched by anyone.  Did SB leg curls instead of GH raises because our GHD is rubbish.

Rest Day: 9/16-9/17

Notes: Sore in my lats and lower back but overall I feel very good.  Especially since last year I felt terrible after this event. Going to take my time getting back into training and not rush anything.

Raid Games 2014

Notes: Friday-Got into the gym and hit a solid 30minutes of mobility on hips, shoulders, thoracic, and calves before getting into 5x3 Hang Power Snatches @ 165lbs.; rest 90sec

Reps felt good and not too challenging. Moved onto an EMOM x 9min of:
1-5/5 KB Snatches (32kg)
2-10 Box Jump Overs (30")
3- 10 T2B

I was happy with how everything felt and had confidence in these movements going into the weekend (note back was sore from KB Snatches the next day).

Hit 8sets of 30/30 on airdyne before calling it, finishing up with 15 minutes of shoulder mobility as that was tight at the end.

Got some light sleep and was in bed for about 9 hours. Since my heat didn't start until 3:45, I decided to go to the gym and hit a quick Z1/mobility session so warming up later on would be easier. Got to the venue (an hour away) an hour and 30 before my heat. Warmed up beforehand with some rowing mobility and fast burpees.

Event #1-
8min AMRAP:
Row 20cals
10 KB Snatches (32kg)
10 Box Jump Overs (30")
10 Bar Muscle Ups
Result: 2 rounds + 20 cals + 10 Snatches + 5 BJO

I didn't video this one. I went out at a smooth pace and finished the first round in 2:15ish. Breathing was heavy and there was pain, but nothing that I couldn't handle. Kept pushing and went unbroken on all movements until the bar muscle ups where I went 4/4/2 and then back to the rower. Got back to the box jump overs and hit 5 reps there and finished 2nd out of 4 competitors. Thought pacing was good throughout and was happy with how I was able to push despite the high power output and shorter time domain that I usually struggle with.

Event #2
1RM OHS From Ground
Result: 260lbs. (235lbs. was my previous best from Wodapalooza in January)

Notes: Was happy with the way I was able to come back and hit 260 after missing it twice. I am getting better in the OHS but need to get stronger in my legs as 260 felt like a truck. I think I am going to start bringing my hands in a bit as well as I don't feel I have an much stability in the OHS with my hands that wide (especially since my mobility is improving)

Sunday- Slept pretty light again but felt much less anxiety today than yesterday. First event was at 1 so the day was a little earlier. Same pre-warmup routine as yesterday with rowing, mobility, and specific tasks for workout.

Event #3

2, 4, 6, 8…. (8 minute cap)

Wall ball shots – 20lb/14lb

20yd Sprint (10yd outs and 10yds back)

Hand release burpees

20yd Sprint (10yd outs and 10yds back)
Result: 16 rounds + 16 Wall Balls + 15 Burpees

Notes: Pacing was great in this workout, but I might have gone a little to slow in the very beginning and wasn't able to quite catch everyone. I laid the hammer down at 2minutes left and really turned up the turnover on the burpees. Had a fast pace at the end and walked away feeling good. Happy with how the engine felt here.

Event #4
3 Rounds (8 minute cap):

10 Power cleans - 185lb/135lb

10yd Single kettlebell Farmers carry - 70lb/55lb

10 Kettlebell swings - 70lb/55lb

10yd Single kettlebell Farmers carry - 70lb/55lb

10 Toes to bar

10yd Single kettlebell Farmers carry - 70lb/55lb

10 Kettlebell swings - 70lb/55lb

10yd Kettlebell Farmers carry - 70lb/55lb

Result: 2 rounds + 10 PC + 10 KB Swings + 7 T2B

Notes: I know I needed a top finish the place first or second on the podium so I went for broke out the beginning knowing that the guys I was up against were going to push the pace right from the get go. Went UB on first set of power cleans, but was pretty shot after that. Once I got back to my power cleans on the second round my grip was shot and I started to tighten in my lower back. The KB Swings became rough and even carrying the KB became a labor. Back was locked going back to the third set. Wanted to stop because of the pain in my back, but took a few breaths and then went hard on the next set of power cleans really picking up the pace. KB Swings were once again rough and I was able to squeak out 7 more T2B. Back was locked up for about 10-15minutes after this workout. If I paced this workout out I could have taken third and gotten on the podium, but that wasn't the goal. Need to work on the posterior chain endurance and some grip in the future.

Overall I feel I am ahead of where I was last year during the raid games. OHS is better, mobility is better, and higher power aerobic is better. Even though we haven't done much testing and no doubles, I felt better than last year from event to event.

Going forward, I think I need to get the squat back up and start working some posterior chain endurance back into the mix. I would also like to continue to push the length of this base of aerobic power that I have established. Currently, I think I am good for a 5min high powered effort, but 8-10minutes is still just outside of my reach.

Training: 9/12/2014

A. Hang Power Snatch: 5x3; rest 75sec (165lbs.)
B. 9min EMOM (alt.)
1-5/5 KB Snatches
2-10 Box Jump Overs (30")
3-10 T2B
Airdyne x 8sets:
30sec @ 90%
30sec @ 50%
Notes: Held over 400watts for all sets

Notes: Hit this workout in the afternoon.  Was feeling a little tired going in but I spent a good 30 minutes warming up in order to feel confident going into tomorrow's competition.  Lower back was achy between the joints of the lower back.  Hang power snatches felt great today.  Very vertical in my pull and the transition under the bar was seamless.  KB snatches felt good though my lower back was a bit sore afterward.  No issues with box jump overs other than they get your HR up.  T2B no problems there though I need to pull feet down.  Airdyne felt great.  Spent another 20 minutes opening up my shoulders.

Rest Day: 9/11/2014

Notes: Nothing special here.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Training: 9/10/2014

A. Split Jerk off blocks: build to a max (305lbs.)
B. L-Muscle Ups (strict): accumulate 7-10 reps (completed 6 reps)
C. Skill work on the specific movements, if known (worked on OHS from ground)
D. 3 rounds for time:
15 Power Snatch 95lbs
50 DUs
then, 10 MUs to stop the clock
Time: 6:59
E. DB External rotation: 2 x 9-12 @2010, rest 60 sec b/t arms (20lbs. x 1 set)

Notes: I was feeling pretty good going into today's workout.  Had a pretty good night's sleep after a hard day of training yesterday.  Surprised that I wasn't too sore from wall balls but my lats were tight from bar muscle ups.  Weights felt a bit heavy today, but I trusted my technique.  Hit 285lbs. for 2 (PR) before jumping up to 305lbs.. 300lbs. was my previous best with a true lock out (320lbs. out in front). Moved to 305lbs. were I caught the first attempt with soft arms.  Tried again and balked on driving back under.  Went for it one more time and was able to hit it, though it was a little forward.  Happy with the fact that it felt heavy, and I stuck with my technique.  Worked a bit on the OHS from the ground.  Also gave me an opportunity to work on my pull a little bit.  Looking to hit at least 255lbs. this weekend at the Raid Games, but we shall see.  

Got into the AMRAP and went hard from the beginning to see how hard I could push.  After the first 15 power snatches and then trying to go too fast on the double unders, I found that mark.  Had to slow it down with longer rests on the power snatches.  Unhappy with breaking that many times on the double unders.  That will improve over time though.  Muscle ups felt good and I was able to string together sets of 4,3, and 3.  Good little tester around the length I am going to see this weekend.  

Training: 9/9/2014

15-20 min aerobic warmup (complete on airdyne, rower, skipping rope, running for 1min each x 4 rounds)
5 min @tough pace:
10 Wallballs
20 DUs
Result: 7 rounds + 5 Wall Balls
--3 min recovery--
5 min @tough pace:
Run 100m
10 C2B  5 Bar Muscle Ups
Result: 3 rounds
--3 min recovery--
5 min @tough pace:
Row 500m
15 Burpees
Result: 1 round + 500m Row + 1 Burpee
--5 min recovery--
HICT Row 20 min @HR<150 10="" damper="" div="" spm="">

Notes: I was nervous going into today's workout because I haven't done any mixed modal work in a while and the only high powered aerobic work that I have been doing is one row session per week (also one high intensity continuous training session with my HR under 150 BPM).  Did 16 minutes of aerobic work before hitting a little mobility and then getting into my first AMRAP.  No real room to hide on the first one since you really can't pace wall balls or double unders.  You could only take longer transition times to get the heart rate down, but I wanted to push the pace so I just kept going back and forth as quickly as possible.  This workout felt great, and I was able to push the tempo on the double unders the entire time.  Walked away feeling good.  Second AMRAP I decided to throw in the bar muscle ups since I would see them this weekend at the Raid Games.  Run was hot but tried to keep speed up while recovering at the same time.  All bar muscle ups were unbroken, but the HSPU were tough for me.  I think it was because I was not willing to smash my head against the ground each time.  I will put my hands on plates with my head on an abmat from here on out.  Triceps were toasted after this one.  Last AMRAP, I help under 1:48 for most of the first 500m.  I did HR burpees as I will see them this weekend.  They slowed things down a bit.  Got back on the rower, and after about 20 seconds, I had the rower back down to 1:45. I think the row interval paid off here.  Was able to hop off the rower with 5 seconds left and hit one burpee.  Was huritng in my quads pretty badly after this one.  Did the 20min Row at the end and it was freaking miserable. 

Training: 9/8/2014

AM Training:
30-45min Z1
(completed on bike and rower)

PM Training:
A. Clean: Build to Heavy Single in 5 attempts (255lbs.)
B. Front Squat: 9x2; rest 60sec (225lbs.)
C. GH Raises: 4x4-6; rest 90sec

Notes: Got up this morning and decided to ride my bike to the gym. When I got there, I did 10min of rowing, and then 20minutes of mobility before getting back on my bike and riding back home.  It is about a 10minute each way.  

Hit the second workout after my noon class.  Pull wasn't feeling great and I could tell my legs were smoked.  Just didn't have the juice today.  Racked 275lbs. but because it was forward I couldn't stand up with it.  Same with 265lbs.. This was a huge blow to my psyche.  Went down and worked on my mechanics for a little while before calling it.  Just a bad training day, time to move on, but I need to figure why I am bumping the bar out.

Rest Day: 9/7/2014

Notes: Going to make sure I stay off my wrist and let it heal.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Training: 9/6/2014

15-20 min Z1 warmup - include some free Handstand work
Row 1000m @2k pace x 3; rest 6-8 min
Oxidative Back Squats: 1 series x 5 x 10 @2020, rest 40 sec b/t sets. Use ~the same weights once again.
10 min Walk cooldown

Notes: Had a better night's sleep last night.  I was nervous going into this workout because of how bad it hurt last week.  After warming up with 500m easy and then 30/30s, I foam rolled for 10min.  I decided I was going to try and hold 1:46 for the first set and then take it down from there.  Legs had the juice today, and I wasn't in nearly as much pain as last week.  Once I gained confidence in the first set, I was good to go.  Need to get the butt in toward the heels each and every stroke, and drive with the legs from the start, not lean back. 

Back squats weren't too bad but they definitely caused my quads to burn A LOT.

Training: 9/5/2014

A. Hang Snatch + Snatch: 3-4 x 1+1; rest as needed - get in and just hit a few sets today; rest 90sec rest (185x4sets)
B. OHS: 4 x 4,1,3,1, rest 3 min 4,3,2 (215(pr),235(pr), 255(pr))
C. GHD Raise: 4 x 4-6 @2010, rest 90 sec (4x10 w/ bodyweight)

Notes: Energy wasn't great going into this training session.  Got to bed late last night and it definitely effected my sleep.  Couldn't get back to sleep at 4:30am.  Got into the gym and my right wrist was continuing to bother me.  Need to hit some pre-hab going forward.  Especially before doing HS work.  Hang snatches felt pretty good today, though I wasn't feeling all that explosive.  Figured out that I wasn't dropping my hips enough during the pull.  I liked how I was pushing with my legs off the floor and keeping my chest up.  Had one little hiccup durng my third set, but everything else was clean.

Moved onto overhead squats and they felt really good today.  I decided to push the intensity since the movement was clicking so well.  Hit 215 x 4 (PR), 235 x 3(PR), and 255 x 2 (PR).  I missed it the first time but nailed it the second time.  Need to work on activating the upper body while simultaneously pushing with the upper body.  Hit GH raises afterward with bodyweight only.

Rest Day: 9/4/2014

Notes: Upper back is tight and sore with rib out.  Wrist is also tender.

Training: 9/3/2014

A. Split Jerk clusters: 3-4 x; rest 15-20 sec/3 min (4 reps now) (265,265,275,285)
B. Jefferson Deadlift: 4 x 2-3; rest 2 min - moderate, based on testing (275x2,285x2)
C. L-Muscle Ups (strict): accumulate 18 reps (complete)
notes-try to hit a good L position on both top and bottom
D. Handstand Walking: complete ~300', if feeling good add some obstacles (complete. 141' in one attempt)
E. DB External rotation: 2 x 9-12 @2010, rest 60 sec b/t arms (25x9/arm)

Notes: I was cautious of my back going into this workout, but with a good warm-up, making sure to hit my back, I was good to go.  My right wrist was still bothering me, so I threw a wrap on during the warm-up to make sure I got it good and warm as well.  Felt better after a few sets and I didn't really think about it.  Hit 285 this week for a cluster.  No misses either today.  Popped a rib out in my upper back unfortunately.  This happens every once in a while.  It is just painful, but other than that, I can get the job done.  Muscle ups weren't too bad.  Just a little tired in the hip flexors.  Handstand walks continue to improve.  Completed the DB external rotations.  They were much harder with 25lbs..

Training: 9/2/2014

Row 5 min easy
HICT Row 20 min @HR<150 10="" br="" damper="" spm="">--rest 5 min--
HICT Row 20 min @HR<150 10="" damper="" div="" spm="">
Notes: Lower back was hot going into this.  Felt better after training and I think I am back on track after today.  Went further than last time in the 20min holding a 2:10 pace.  Not fun, but got it done.    

Training: 9/1/2014

45 min Z1 - your choice

A. Squat Clean: 8-14 singles, moderate loads (6x1 @ 255lbs.)
B. Front Squat: 5-8 x 2 @10X0, rest 75 sec - fast bar concentric speed (8x2reps @ 245lbs.)
C. Pistols: 3 x 16 alt'ng reps (8/side)@21X0; rest 75 sec (complete)
Shinbox leg sweep - 2 x 3/side (complete)

Notes: Felt tired going into today's training.  Warmed up for cleans and knew there wasn't much intensity there so I decided to keep the weight moderate and hit some volume.  Last week I hit 4 singles at 255lbs., so this week I went for 6 singles.  I hit them but my lower back started feeling funky during it.  The L5-S1 area was hot.  Moved onto front squats and my right wrist continued to bother me from the day before (handstand walking).  Speed stayed consistent throughout, but my heading was spinning ster these.  Short rest time really made it difficult.

Calves tightened up from front squatting so pistols were a chore today.  Shinbox leg sweeps were okay but I have difficulty lifting the leg without unweighting.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Rest Day: 8/31/2014

Notes: Didn't get great sleep last night due to a late night at an NPGL match.  Felt tired all day.

Training: 8/30/2014

15-20 min Z1 warmup - include some free Handstand work
Row 900m @2k pace x 4; rest 5 min
10 min Walk cooldown

1. 3:08.7 (1:44.8)
2. 3:09.2 (1:45.1)
3. 3:10.4 (1:45.7)
4. 3:11.7 (1:46.5)

Notes: This was terrible.  No other words could really describe the overall pain, discomfort, and mental beating I took during every set of this workout.  At no point was this easy.  From the first stroke, to the last, the effort was high. Disappointed with the drop off from set to set, but that was out of my control.  I am going off my best 2k row pace, which might be wishful thinking given my current fitness levels.  Before the open last year, I was doing 10x500m @ 1:42.  I feel a world away from that right now.  The one conditioning workout per week hasn't helped the cause much.  I still know that I have to bide my time and continue to progress in skill development, movement efficiency, and strength.  One more of these dreadful workouts to go next week.

Training: 8/29/2014

A. Hang Snatch + Snatch: 5-9 x 1+1; rest as needed - volume focus, not max loads unless it tests great (165x2,175x2,185x2,195x2,215(f),205fx2, 205)
B. OHS: 4 x 2,1,2,1, rest 3 min (235,235(f), 215lbs. x 4x2; rest 60sec)
C. Oxidative Back Squats: 2 series x 4 x 10 @2020, rest 40 sec b/t sets; 5 min b/t series complete
notes-it's 4 sets of 10, done twice. Use ~the same weights once again.
D. GHD Raise: 3 x 4-6 @2010, rest 90 sec (15reps)

Notes: Hit this workout in the afternoon after a long day of coaching and running errands.  Felt a bit tired going in and it was oppressively hot in the gym (sweat became a limiter in gripping the bar safely). Pull was a little off in the snatch.  Wasn't waiting long enough and allowing the bar to get into the hips before extending up. Wasn't keeping my chest up off the floor very well either.  Despite these two facts, I set a volume and denisty PR today with this complex (last week I only did 1 set each at 165,175,185,195,205 (2 fails + 1 make).  This week I doubled the volume and decreased the rest times.  OHS felt off today.  The pullups from the other day tighten up the lats through the armpit and this definitely effected my OH position.  OHS tested well though my right lower back tightened up with the heavier weights, but felt better after backing off to lighter weights.  I had intended on hitting a volume PR with 3x2 @ 235lbs. but I failed the second set.  I decided to go back down and hit 4x2 w/ 215lbs. resting only 60 seconds between sets to hit a volume and density PR.  They felt good and it was challenging to hit them multiple times with such little rest.  Ox squats were miserable today.  I don't know what it was but I think the volume before hand got to me.  Man were my legs screaming.  Finished up with a quick set of 15 GH raises (on old machine, very uncomfortable).