Friday, August 15, 2014

Training: 8/8/2014

A. Squat Clean clusters: 5 x; rest 3-4 min (volume focus) (225x3,205x2)
B. Front Squat w/chains: 5 x 3,2,2,1,1; rest 2:30'  - no slow grinders (170x3,185x2x2 w/ 80lbs. chain)
C. C2B Pullups - max reps test (one unbroken set) (no attempt)
D. DB Ext Rotation: 3 x 12-15 @2010, rest 60 sec b/t arms

notes-L arm first, no more reps/weight on R than L could do

Notes: Not feeling too good today.  Hip flexors were once again sore from rowing and snatch work.  Lower back was sore too, so I kept the weight under check as opposed to last week where the bar speed was much higher.  I hit the first 3 sets at 225lbs. before going down to 205 for the last two sets, and then 185 for 5 AFAP.  Pull started to feel better toward the end, but I just couldn't push big numbers today.  Front squats felt okay, but the fourth set started to grind at that weight and decided to call it there.  I tried an attempt of C2B pullups, but my arms and lats were still destroyed from Wednesday's training session.  Wasn't happy with the training session but I knew I didn't have big weights today, so I stuck with volume instead.

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