Thursday, August 7, 2014

Training: 8/6/2014

AM Training:
A. Snatch Balance: 4-6 singles, RAN
B. Snatch: 12 singles, 1 every 30 sec
C. OHS: volume focus (4-6 x 3) - slower tempo

Notes: I was still feeling the affects from a muscle spasm today, though as I started to get into the snatch balance, I started to forget about it.  In addition to that, my hips flexors/capsules were on fire from rowing yesterday.  Snatch balance felt heavy today, so I only built to 205lbs. with clean technique and called it there.  Moved onto the snatches and warmed up from the board.  Pull felt good but bar was still bumping out slightly (more on this later).  Last week, I hit about 10 singles at 165lbs., so this week with 12 singles every 30 seconds, I hit the first 6 at 165lbs. and  the final 6 at 175lbs..  I noticed analyzing the video afterward (and comparing to some older videos with clean technique) that I have way too much tension in my arms and that is really preventing me from getting the bar close.  I will work on this the next time I lift.  

OHS felt okay and did six sets this week (5 sets last week).  RPE stayed at 7/8 for all sets. Felt pretty good afterward.

PM Training:
A. Muscle Ups (kipping): 5 x amrap(-2); rest 2 min
B1. pHSPU: 4 x amrap in 60 sec; rest 2 min
B2. No Ft Rope Climb: 4 x 1.1 to 15'; rest 2 min

C. DB External rotation, elbow on knee: build to an 8RM/arm

Notes: Got this in about 4 hours after my first workout.  Muscle ups felt okay.  I am feeling heavier than when I was last doing kipping muscle ups.  I was able to hit 6 reps on all sets with an RPE of 8.  Technique felt good, just winded/fatigued very quickly.  pHSPU felt better this week.  I was getting into a more tripod position at the bottom and this definitely helped stability in the kip.  Legless rope climbs were tough (as usual).  Needed to use my legs on the way down.  I noticed though that when I rotated my elbow in, I have a much stronger pull.  25lbs. was a struggle for my left side on DB External Rotations.  Definitely weaker there.    

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