Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Training: 8/4/2014

A. Power Clean + Jerk: 8-12 singles, one every 90 sec - sets across at 80-85% or waveload up
B. Clean Deadlift: 5 x 5; rest 2 min - moderate, based on testing
4 rounds:
10 S2O unbroken - build (135,140,145,155)
15 C2B

rest 90 sec

Notes: Great training session today.  Got a pretty good night's sleep and got to the gym feeling fresh.  Power clean and Push Jerk tested best so I went up with that.  I got a lesson with my lifting coach this weekend and I reenforced some things to think about during the pull and catch position.  Kept intensity at 80-85% but was still able to hit a PR.  Didn't feel all that different than the other lifts that I had, so I am very happy with that.  Kept clean deadlifts moderate in weight since it tested moderately.  The 4 rounds was tough.  Suck factor increased from set to set, though I think I handled it well.  Push jerks felt great.  I have to remember to rebend the knees.  C2B felt good though I think I could have kept my midline tighter.  

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