Monday, August 25, 2014

Training: 8/25/2014

AM Training
A. Squat Clean: 7-10 singles, moderate loads (245,245,245,250,255,255,255)
B. Front Squat: 4-6 x 2 @10X0, rest 75 sec - fast bar concentric speed (245x6sets)
C. Pistols: 4 x 14 alt'ng reps (7/side)@21X0; rest 90 sec (complete)

Notes: Felt a little tired going into today's training session, but my body was feeling good.  Might have had an iffy night's sleep.  Knowing this going in I was cautious of the bar speed on the way up and perceived exertion.  Had 255lbs. in mind to go with my work sets today, and after 4 tough sets, I got to 255lbs. and hit 3 solid singles there before moving on.  Front squats felt great today with my calves loose.  Bar speed was good through and I was keeping a good torso angle.  Pistols were so much better than last week.  The calf mobilities that I have been doing are money.  Didn't push too hard this session as I knew I had one more to go today.

PM Training:
15-20 min Z1 warmup - include some free Handstand work
Row 800m @2k pace x 4; rest 4 min
10 min Walk cooldown

Notes: Had limited time to warm-up for this one but I didn't really need all that much of a warm-up because it was over 90 degrees inside the gym when I hit this one.  First two sets weren't too bad but just couldn't sustain the kick on the last two.  Legs were just smoked.  I was disappointed with the last interval.  I tried going out easy and then pick up the pace but I just wasn't able to kick it into gear at the end.  I am thinking for events 10min or less I need to push the pace and hold on.  Whereas longer events, I think I can ease my way into it a bit more and pick up the pace as I go.

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