Monday, August 25, 2014

Training: 8/22/2014

A. Hang Snatch + Snatch: 4-7 x 1+1; rest as needed (165,175,175,185,195,205(fx2), 205)
B. OHS: 3 x 3,2,1 @31X2, rest 3 min (205x3,240(f),205x3, 225x3)
C. Oxidative Back Squats: 2 series x 4 x 10 @2020, rest 40 sec b/t sets; 5 min b/t series (100lbs. complete)
notes-it's 4 sets of 10, done twice. Use ~the same weights used before when we did this.
D. GHD Raise: 2 x 4-6 @2010, rest 90 sec - more difficult variation or add wt. (25lbs.)

Notes: Felt good going into this workout.  Had a good mindset and my concept on the pull was sound.   Built up in weight from set to set.  Need to keep sitting the hips longer as I extend up.  OHS felt really good today.  The new lat openers and calf stretches that I have been doing are money.  Back squats sucked on last couple of sets.  GH raises were so much better on a good GHD.

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