Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Training: 8/1/2014

A. Squat Clean clusters: 5 x; rest 3-4 min (volume focus) (225,230,235,240,245)
B. Front Squat w/chains: 5 x 3,3,3,2,2; rest 2:30'  - no slow grinders (165,175,175,185,195)

C. TGU: build to a max each arm - note differences. (90lbs.-Note left a little less stable in the elbow than the right)

Notes: Great training session today. Got my grip dynamometer yesterday and started using it in today's training session.  After riding the airdyne for 3minutes, I took my baseline number.  From there, I tested the movement and saw if my grip improved.  Since it improved best with the squat clean, I stuck with that.  As I built up, I continued to test my grip after a one minute rest after the last lift (that way my grip would regenerate before the test).  Grip continued to increase from set to set so I increased weight, but I kept with the focus of the workout which was volume (75-85% intensity) and not intensity.  All weights felt manageable.  

Moved onto front squats. There was a definite difference in grip after the squat cleans.  Kept the weights moderate to allow for higher bar speed.  Need to work on grooving a more vertical squat to allow for glute recruitment out of the hole.  

TGU felt great.  Increase in thoracic mobility had allowed for better OH stability.  This was the first time I used 90lbs. for a TGU. Felt great after this training session.

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