Friday, August 15, 2014

Training: 8/11/2014

A. Power Clean + Jerk: 6-9 singles, one every 2 min- sets across at 85%+ or waveload up (235x6)
B. Clean Deadlift: 5 x 3; rest 2 min - moderate, based on testing (skipped)
C. Row 600m @2k pace x 6; rest 3:30' (see picture)

D. GHD raises: 2 x 8-11 @4010, rest 2 min (2x8)

Notes: I was supposed to go intense today with the power clean and jerk.  235 didn't feel easy today, so I stuck with that for as many singles as I could do while still testing well (toe touch). Hit 6 singles and then called it as I started feeling tension in my lower back.  Tested all types of deadlifts, but nothing tested well, so I skipped deadlifts and moved onto the row intervals.

I didn't warm-up for the intervals.  Just got on the rower and started pulling.  Kept row avg. under 1:45 for all intervals.  They were tough.  Need to get better at rowing.

Finished off with the GH Raises.  Those crushed my hamstrings.

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