Thursday, July 10, 2014

Training: 7/9/2014

A. Power Clean: 1 rep every 90 sec for 15 singles, wave load up to a heavy single
3 rounds:
on a 2 min timer,
Row 400m @90%, then
amrap KBS 53lbs in time remaining
rest 2 min
on a 2 min timer,
Row 400m @90%, then
amrap Burpees in time remaining
rest 10 min

Notes: Power clean felt better by the rep.  My problems have stemmed from the bar not coming off the floor properly.  Specifically, the bar doesn't come back and I can't load.  If I allow the shoulders to come over the bar, I feel so much more balance and power.  The difference is amazing.  20-30lbs. amazing.  Missed 265lbs (squat clean) the first time, but I went down and then back up to 265 and nailed it.  Might have had some more in me, but I finished on a solid rep.

I was a little apprehensive going into the conditioning piece but it felt great.  I don't know if it has been the conditioning on the airdyne, the HICT from the day before, or the fact that I have been opening my thoracic, but this just felt money.  Kept the rows at 1:45 and then got right into the other piece quickly.  Felt pretty good after each set and not doubled over, just breathing heavy.  Awesome training session today.

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