Monday, July 7, 2014

Training: 7/5/2014

Olympic Lifting Simulation (220/275lbs.)
10min Max Calorie Airdyne
219 Cals

Notes: Today was the first annual Lift 4 Jim team weightlifting competition.  2 teams of 4 competed for combined sinclair total.  I was coach/lifter today, but I felt confident in my abilities to turn it on when needed.  I warmed up in about 15minutes and went 45/135/165/185 before taking my first attempt at 195. Make. 205. Make. 220. Make.

My back was feeling a bit wonky after the snatch.  I decided as I warmed up for the clean and jerk that if it didn't loosen up, I would bow out.  I did a little mobilization on the foam roller and it felt good warming up.  I built to 255 in the pits in about 4 lifts and went out and hit my opener at 265.  Legs are definitely not as strong as they were a couple of months ago.  missed 275 because the bar was a little forward.  Came out for my third attempt and had to grind through the clean.  Made the jerk with an ugly back leg.  Definitely happy with my overall lifting, especially since this hasn't been a focus.  Are the numbers where I would like them to be? No. But I take solace in the fact that I didn't have any anxiety and I was able to perform without caffeine.

I was feeling tired after the simulation but I knew I needed to do my 10min max calorie airdyne.  Warmed up with 5minutes of 40sec/20sec at my race pace, did some foam rolling, and then went to work.

Pacing was great.  I kept the RPE at 8 for the first half, then turned it on and kept the pedals moving on the second half.  219 is pretty low relative to my last two attempt (232/225) but given the circumstances, and just how it felt overall, I am pretty happy with it.

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