Monday, July 7, 2014

Training: 7/4/2014

A1. Power Clean: 3 x 1.1.1; rest 15 sec/3 min
A2. Strict MUs: 3 x 2.2; rest 15 sec/3 min
B1. Axle bar Pendlay Row: 2 x 4-6 @21X0, rest 1 min
B2. Incline Bench Press (bar, ~45 degrees): 2 x 6-8 @30X1, rest 1 min

B3. Negative GHD raises: 2 x 6-8 @50A0, rest 2 min (test out if concentric is possible toady also)

Notes: Felt fairly good going into training today though my quads were still fatigued from ox back squats.  Found a great thoracic opener that I feel is really allowing me to take the stress off my lower back.  Finally starting to get the bar back off the floor, which has been my achilles heal as of late with my pull.  The bar is getting back to me in the catch position and I hit 245 for my final set which is the heaviest that I have done since hurting my back.  Muscle ups were okay though I had some soreness from pullups last time.  

Kept it lighter on the pendlay rows so that I could feel the shoulder blades coming together.  This is the first time I have felt the "burn" in my lower rhomboids and I think it's because I am beginning to be able to utilize that ROM with my thoracic more open.  Bench press felt good and I focused on keeping shoulders back and extending from elbows.  Did a few concentrics in the GH today.  Hips looked neutral and I can only attribute the change to my thoracic being more mobile.

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