Thursday, July 31, 2014

Training: 7/30/2014

AM Training:
A. High Box Jumps: 3 x 1.1.1; rest 3 min, step down to a lower box b/t each rep; stay safe
B. Snatch: 7 x 1; rest 2-3 min - 80% effort all sets : 10 singles Every 30sec x 10sets @ 165lbs.
C. OHS: 5 x 3,2,2,1,1 @31X1; rest 3 min 5x3 @ 185lbs. @ 31x1; rest 3min

Notes: Today I started doing some auto-regulatory biofeedback testing by testing my ROM prior to performing the exercises.  I didn't seem to recognize much change, but I think when I get my grip dynamometer, I will be able to more accurately measure change.  Everything felt labored in the first session.  Did feel particularly explosive on the box jumps.  Legs were just dead.  Warming up for snatches, my high-groin/pelvis was very irritated.  Most likely from all the rowing yesterday.  Snatches felt off and heavy.  Decided to go lighter and work more volume hitting one snatch at 165 every 30seconds or so for 10 reps.  OHS also felt heavy, so rather than build up.  I stayed at 185lbs. and hit 5 sets of 3.  Felt better after the session was over.  

PM Training:
A. Strict MU: 3 x amrap in 60 sec; rest 3 min (5,5,6)
B. 5 rounds:
amrap Strict C2B Pullups (5,5,4,5,5)
amrap Strict HSPU (12,12,10,10,8)
rest 3 min
C. L-Sit: 3 x amsap(-4 sec); rest 90 sec (10,10,10sec)
notes-scaps back

D. Powell Raise: build to an 8RM (25lbs.)

Notes: Felt much better in the second session.  It was much easier to warm-up for this session.  I set a personal best in the 1minute max muscle ups with 6 reps on my final set.  My hands were sore from rowing and showing pullups the day before so I didn't have much to give on my C2B.  However, I did realize that I am lacking scapular depression in the pullup and it prevents me from getting the height necessary to get to the bar.  HSPU felt great today.  I was able to hit 10 reps on most sets.  L-sit was tough because my hip flexors were smokes.  Powell raises felt good.  Hit 25lbs. without having any exposure to them and was able to hold good technique and tempo.  Happy with these.

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