Thursday, July 31, 2014

Training: 7/25/2014

A. Wtd MU: build to a 1RM (25lbs.)
B. Wtd Strict C2B: build to a 1RM (30lbs.)
C. pHSPU: 30 reps for time (6:06)

D. No Ft Rope Climb: 7 trips, RAN (complete)

Notes: Thankfully this was an upper body workout because my legs are still very sore.  It was tough to warm-up for this workout as I did it in the morning.  Wtd. muscle up felt okay though the shoulders could have been a bit looser.  C2B was better than last time, even when I was weighing about 175lbs..  pHSPU weren't great.  I did a set of 8 and then struggled with doubles and singles from there.  Need to improve the pHSPU.  Rope climbs were okay though I worry about these in large volumes.

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