Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Training: 7/19/2014

A. Incline Bench Press: build to a max (240lbs.)
B. Strict MUs: 1 rep every 30 sec for 10 min (complete)
C. Axle bar Pendlay Row: 2 x 3-5 @21X0, rest 3 min (115x2)
Time: 4:14

Notes: Feeling a little tired going into today's training.  Couldn't really get warm.  Bench press felt heavy after yesterday's long aerobic interval training (triceps and chest were sore).  I have never maxed my incline bench press before.  This number is much higher than my power snatch.  Strict muscle ups were not easy today, but no misses.  Pendlay rows felt good.  

Tester went pretty well.  I need to work on my HSPU kip.  I seem to be using my arms a lot for this movement and the kip does not feel explosive.  C2B felt good.  Burpees were decently fast.  Time could have been better with better HSPU.

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