Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Training: 7/16/2014

AM Training:
Row 5 min easy
HICT Row 20 min @HR<150 10="" br="" damper="" sr="">
Notes: Completed right when I got up.  I know that the morning session allows me to warm up for the PM session a lot easier.

PM Training:
A. Split Jerk: build to a heavy single w/solid technique, then
B. 8-10 singles @~85% of A.
C. Alt. EMOM for 12 min:
even - Push Press x 8 TnG (add per set)
odd - 8 C2B
D. Strict HSPU: 5 x max reps unbroken, rest 90 sec

Notes: Great training session.  Felt awesome going in and there was no let down.  Made sure to open up the shoulders in both flexion and extension.  Lats were tight but they loosened up over time.  Called it at 300lbs. as this felt heavy and the lock out was solid.  The drop down singles gave me an opportunity to really work on the leg drive.  The focus for today was back knee down.  EMOM went great.  C2B felt awesome.  Thoracic mobility has been helping a lot.  Strict HSPU felt good. 

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