Saturday, July 5, 2014

Training: 7/1/2014

AM Training:
50 min Z1 - your choice, but include ~20 min on the AD & accumulate ~2:30' Ring Support

PM Training:
AD 10 min warmup
AD 40 sec @90%/20 sec @50% x 15
Avg. Watts: 344
--5 min recovery--

AD 5 min @80% x 1
Cals: 98

Notes: Woke up and went right to the gym where I did 20min airdyne, 10min row, 20 min airdyne for my z1 work.  Felt good afterward.

Hit the second workout about 6 hours later.  Warmed up on the airdyne for about 5min before getting into the intervals.  This was the first time I use the big fan airdyne for intervals since I plan on using it for my ten minute time trial on Saturday.  Definitely had some more burning the quads than the smaller fanned bike.  Lungs were not the limiter here.  Happy with the output given the higher work to rest ratio.

5min @ 80% went okay.  I am hoping for 115 cals for the first 5 minutes this weekend, but we shall see.....

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