Thursday, June 5, 2014

Training: 6/4/2014

A. Wtd Strict Muscle-Up into Transition: 4 x 2 @40X1, rest 2:30' (20lbs., 15, 10,10)
B1. pHSPU: 5 x 5; rest 90 sec (5x5)
B2. No Ft Rope Climb to 15': 5 x 2 trips; rest 90 sec (complete)
C. C2B: 10 x 5 unbroken for time (3:02)
D. Ring Dip Support: 5 x 40-60 sec; rest 60 sec (5x30sec)

Notes: Hit my first no-false grip strict muscle up today.  Key was to relax the hands during the transition.  Still having trouble with multiple weighted reps.  Once the elbows start to fatigue, I am unable to get through the rings.  For the pHSPU, I need to feel it more in the scaps.  I am feeling it way too much in the front delts and this is causing me to arch.  Legless climbs were done from a standing position (no jump), though I was using my legs on the way down because I was pretty fatigued.  Need to retact scap better.

Haven't strung together C2B in a while.  They felt good, though I think I could have kept my shoulder in a better position.  Grip wasn't too bad, though my right pronator was tight afterward.  

Ring dip supports hit my sternum hard today.  This makes me think I was slumping my shoulders forward.  Good work today.  I can see the progress starting to build, though I need to work on strengthening my rear delts.

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