Thursday, June 5, 2014

Training: 6/3/2014

AM Training:
40 min @Z1 - AD, VC, Run, etc - ATW style, switching @~5 min - include Bottoms-up KB OH Carries
Notes: 30min pool swim. 10min drilling then EMOM x 20min of 25m @ 80-90%. Felt good after this. Fun to get in the pool and get some breathing going. Biceps were a bit sore afterward.
PM Training:
AD 10 min @Z1
AMRAP in 40 min:
Airdyne sprint 15 sec @90-95%
rest until HR drops below 110bpm b/f next sprint
Walk 10 min cooldown
Results: Completed 16 reps. Max HR: 164 BPM (did 3 more in the beginning, but they were only 10sec each. I misread the workout).

Notes: These didn't feel too bad. The effort and rest times were way more consistent than the prowler pushes I was doing last month.  Maybe doing the AM swimming had something to do with it?  I was pushing the RPMs on the Airdyne and I was able to keep them up for all 15sec.  The last few sets the last 5 seconds of the interval started to hurt in the diaphragm (sternum area).  Felt okay afterwards.

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