Saturday, June 28, 2014

Training: 6/27/2014

A. Snatch: 8x1; rest 90sec (wave load) (175-200(f))
B. Strict Muscle Ups: 4x3-4; rest 3min (3,3,3,4)
C1. Single Arm DB Rows: 2x6-8 @ 20x0; rest 1min b/t arms (60,70)
C2. Incline DB Bench Press: 2x8-10 @ 30x0; rest 90sec (60,60)
4 rounds (not for time)
5 Bar Pull To Inversion

Notes: Felt pretty good going into my workout but my pull is crap right now.  Hit the heaviest snatch since hurting my back at 195, that was the only positive there.  Rather than spending tons of time here, I moved onto the muscle ups.  Hit solid sets and was able to eek out 4 reps on my last set.  Single arms DB rows were heavier than last time and the focus was on pulling the scap toward the midline.  Incline press was good.

Bar ring inversion were challenging.  It was difficult to invert myself in the first place, and then from there it was challenging to engage my back to slow me down.  Also, being in that kind of piked position put lots of stress on my L-S joint.  HSPU were rough on the triceps. But did most sets in 5s.

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