Saturday, June 28, 2014

Training: 6/25/2014

(video to come)

A. Snatch Balance: 1-2 EMOM x 10min (135-215)
B1. OHS: 3x4-5 @ 3221; rest 90sec (135,145,165)
B2. Strict Pullup Cluster: 3xAMRAP.AMRAP; rest 30sec; then rest 90sec (7/6,7/5,7/6)
C. Oxidative Back Squats: 5x40sec (10reps) @ 2020; rest 40sec only
-rest 8min
x 2 sets
Complete w/ 100lbs.

Notes: Felt pretty good going into training.  I have gone almost two weeks without caffeine and I am finally getting over the hump of not having to rely on it.  I am getting more consistent with sleep and eating and I am relying on good habits instead of stimulants.  

Snatch balance felt pretty good though hitting that many reps that quickly made my quads fatigue quickly.  Kept building and hit most sets with 155 but jumps up in the later minutes.  OHS felt surprisingly sturdy.  Pulling the shoulders back and getting the arm pits forward felt good.  Wasn't fighting the bottom position either as my ankles felt pretty mobile.  Hips flexors were absolutely destroyed afterward, possible because I didn't warm them up sufficiently.  Pullups felt pretty good.  Grip and biceps seemed to be the limiter here.  

Back squats were tough.  Tried not to lock out at the top in order to create more tension in the quads.  My legs were smoked afterward.  No lower back pain.

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